Welcome – about this site

The goal of this website is a rather simple one: to provide answers to the frequently asked business questions. And additionally to do that in an easy-to-understand way. While the name of this website would make it possible to tackle pretty much any area of business, the site will most likely focus mainly on the aspects of running a business online. This means that we might, for example, talk about what might be the best services for the different needs that arise, when having a website for your business.

What is the difference between a site like Wikipedia and Business FAQ?

There are already lot of sites on the internet that contain useful business information. However, it seems like many of them are quite general in nature and don’t really provide answers to the specific business questions many people have. For example, if a business owner is simply looking to quickly find, let’s say, the cheapest high quality marketing automation solution, he might not find this article to be massively useful. And this is where we see some room for providing actual value by following the concept outlined in the first paragraph of this page.

About the development of this site

As you can see this website is still very much in the developmental stage. However, the plan is that already in the rather near future (Q3 or Q4 of 2019) you can start finding useful answers to your questions. So make sure to check back soon if the concept of this site sounds interesting. We wish you all the best!

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